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Park Safety Rules

  • Wear appropriate clothing. 

  • Jump grip socks are mandatory.

  • No intoxication of any kind.

  • No chewing gum.

  • No food or drinks on courts.

  • No electronics.

  • Parents cannot carry children while jumping.

  • Be aware of age limitation lanes on main court. 

  • Be age appropriate in your behavior as you compete.

  • Be alert & considerate of jumpers around you.

  • Somersaults & flips not recommended.

  • Do not exceed skill level.

  • No double bouncing.

  • No sitting & laying on the court.

  • No diving or double flips into air bag.

  • No climbing.

  • No running or racing.

  • No rough housing.

  • No jumping over other people.

  • No jumping while holding hands.

  • No double flips or gainers (back flips moving forward).

  • No kicking the dodgeballs.

  • No head shots with dodgeballs.

  • No standing on top of court benches.

TH Social Distancing New Guidelines (5).
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